Agricultural Promotion, Production and Processing.

Agricultural Promotion

In order to Fight Hunger and Poverty in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number 1 and 2, FAPS Development carries out agricultural cultivation of various cash crops and livestock farming. Presently we have opened plantations for Cassava, Yam and plantains in Buea and Limbe 3, South West Region of Cameroon. These projects go a long to create employment opportunities for many Youths in Cameroon, as we employ to manage the various projects.

Plantain Cultivation

We open up plantain farms, and after cultivation we process the plantains into flour and cheeps.

Og Tea Production

The Og Tea is very medicinal, it reduces prostate inflammation level in men to zero. Due to the increase in rate of prostate inflammation in the world in men from ages 40 and above. Og Tea, is the solution.

  • It has a preventive component
  • Reduction component
  • Anti Fungi component
  • Anti Cancerous Cell Component

Cassava Cultivation

We open up cassava farms, and after cultivation we process cassava into flour and Garri.

Poultry Farming

we produce birds using organic feed, in order to reduce the consumption of meat which is not good for human health.